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Summer School was once a necessary evil for secondary students who did not make the grade in their core subjects.  To prevent repeating specific subjects, or in some cases an entire grade, it was necessary to register for the summer session to upgrade or to achieve a passing mark.   Although this is still the case for some summer school students, there is a wider array of reasons, options, and benefits for attending summer school.

Education is no longer limited to seasons and cycles. Learning is a lifelong process.  It is natural then that summer is seen as another opportunity for learning and expanding one’s educational experiences. This is especially true for International secondary school students seeking the opportunity to study in Canada. Summer school programs provides an excellent opportunity to experience and integrate into a new and different culture.  Parents of International students have the option to visit Canada while their children are attending summer school, giving family members the opportunity to learn about their children’s boarding or homestay environment for the coming year. 


For many International students a summer school program may be their first chance to learn English as they ready themselves for the coming academic year. The benefits of small classes, personalized instruction, and time to focus on learning the language is a major advantage to students enrolled in English as a Second Language, ESL summer courses.  International students come to Upper York School in July and August to take advantage of these benefits. When the academic year begins the ESL summer grads are ready to hit the ground running and focus on the core subject material at hand.

Canadian Independent Schools have increased their summer programs significantly in recent years as many parents choose to enrol their children in summer programs that include ESL, FSL, arts, technology, engineering, robotics, and other.  Often integrated with physical and other social activities summer school programs have evolved into something more akin to ‘Summer Camp’. Students develop new skills, forge new relationships, and expand their horizons. Summer school it’s not the same-old same-old!Upper York School still has openings for summer school courses in ESL, the Ontario Literacy Course (OLC4O) and Grade 11 English.

Summer ESL Programs

Upper York School still has openings for summer school courses in ESL, the Ontario Literacy Course (OLC4O) and Grade 11 English.


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