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Too often students and their parents think of school exclusively in terms of academic learning.  Of course this is a critical component and represents a major slice of a students life in school.  But we should keep in mind that it is just a component. In progressive schools today education is viewed more holistically and recognizes a set of needs that must be met to achieve success in school.  These include such things as diet, social etiquette, and physical exercise among others.  Today we are focusing on physical activity
Physical education or simply physical activity is an element of education that has fallen in and out of favour over the years.  It is only recently that important scientific research has been done to illustrate the important relationship between physical activity and effective learning.

A large-scale study of almost 12,000 Nebraska school children published in August in The Journal of Pediatrics, researchers compiled each child’s physical fitness, as measured by a timed run, body mass index and academic achievement in English and math, based on the state’s standardized test scores. Better fitness proved to be linked to significantly higher achievement scores, while, interestingly, body size had almost no role. Students who were overweight but relatively fit had higher test scores than lighter, less-fit children.

There are five major reasons for schools to include a well designed physical activity program into the curriculum

  1. Enhances a student’s ability to concentrate and focus
  2. Improved Health and Physical Development
  3. Promotes good sleeping habits and prevents sleep deprivation
  4. Lowers stress and anxiety
  5. Improves general state of psychological well being and happiness.


In North America child obesity has risen to alarming rates leading to predictions of an ever increasing number of cases of diabetes.  Clearly it is important to reverse this trend. Schools have the responsibility of ensuring that young people acquire both the knowledge they need and the important life skills and habits that will serve them long into adulthood.


At Upper York School we recognize the need for physical activity and have incorporated it into our curriculum.  Here it is not just a once-a-cycle event but rather a daily practice. We offer a variety of physical activities designed to keep our students fit in both mind and body. Below is a schedule of our weekly activities

ActivityBadmintonIndoor GolfYogaPing-PongBasketball


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