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What every parent needs to know about private schools

Tour of Upper York School in November 2018, the ideal way to learn about the curriculum and student life at the best private school in North Toronto with scholarships for qualifying students entering grades 9 to 11

Tours of Upper York School can be booked at any time during the school year.

Looking at private schools for the first time?   Interested in learning more about the benefits associated with a private school education?   Read this review steps every parent should consider prior to choosing a private school.

  1. Start your analysis by asking questions about the quality of the curriculum and the vision of the Head of School, which should include a strong commitment to contextual learning and international mindedness, the hallmarks of the world’s best private schools.


  2. Ask about the school’s mission, goals and values and how they are advanced by the curriculum and student life.


  3. You can learn a lot about private school on the web, but don’t make any decisions until you have had a tour of the schools that appear to be a good match with what you want for your son or daughter.


  4. Confirm the student-to-teacher ratio and maximum class size as these are important considerations in any review of multiple private schools.


  5. Test whether the school makes learning accessible to any and all by asking about the commitment to student services support, another hallmark of the world’s best private schools.


  6. Ensure that every teacher is fully qualified to teach in Ontario.


  7. Look for schools where all staff members, not just teachers, are involved with the students. Important learning happens both during and after classroom time.


  8. Consider the location and driving time. The drive to and from school can be wearing if the school is not in a convenient location.


  9. Make sure your tour includes a personal meeting with the Head of School.


  10. Recognize that your choices narrow if you want a local private school that offers scholarships.


  11. Feel free to ask for a second visit. You are making an important decision and as such have every right to ask for a second look.

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