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Principal’s Message

Welcome to Upper York School
It is my great privilege to lead the Upper York School through its journey towards becoming a prominent, thriving, independent school in North Toronto.

As a leader in education, I believe that we as a school must recognize the responsibility we hold for ensuring high standards of achievement and success for all students. Students must always come first and this is demonstrated in our actions, behaviours and attitudes. We need to be both proactive and visionary in realizing the impact we have on students’ lives as we provide a safe, inviting, inclusive and innovative environment in our school community.

I assure you: this is a truly remarkable environment. While at Upper York, your child will have the opportunity to gain valuable life skills in a warm caring environment while he/she strives for academic excellence. Our small class sizes provide the opportunity to meet every child’s individual needs while they work towards graduating with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

At Upper York, we strive to instill the social emotional values, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, initiative and confidence that will ensure our students’ success during their time at our school and beyond. We take great pride in recognizing and celebrating each and every student’s unique academic and social journey. From the moment each student walks into our campus, our dedicated faculty provides individual mentorship and support, inspiring and encouraging them to meet their full potential and develop into independent, lifelong learners.

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Russell Ash
Head of School/ Principal
Upper York School

Exterior of Upper York School, the best private school for anyone who wants a top private school near me or is trying to find a private school in Markham, Richmond Hills or Thornhill.

Upper York School

Who We Are


Upper York School is an Ontario Ministry of Education approved private high school that grants credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). We offer small classes with individual attention to domestic and international students from grades 9 to grade 12. Upper York School is committed to providing a safe and engaging learning environment so that students grow personally and academically.

Upper York School offers a curriculum focusing on the refinement of academic skills, and on the preparation of students for post-secondary success. Courses are designed so that students will understand the theoretical principles, practical applications, and substantive content of each given curriculum. Academic excellence and language communication skills are essential components.

Our Mission

To nurture a mindset and develop learning skills that enable students to lead by example as engaged, knowledgeable and compassionate citizens of the world.





Students at Upper York School, the best private school for anyone who wants a private school near me in Markham, Richmond Hill or Thornhill for grades 7-12, also known as Middle School or Senior School.

Our Goals

  • to reach every student so that they achieve their individual potential;
  • to provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment, focused upon preparation for post-secondary success.

Our Philosophy

To achieve our mission and goals, we:
  1. Provide a diverse student-centred curriculum that enables students to develop emotionally, socially, creatively and physically.
  2. Build a learning environment where individuals are respected and valued, and work together as a community.
  3. Challenge students to think critically, to problem solve and to use a growth mindset.
  4. Encourage students to be leaders in, and make positive contributions to, their local and global communities.



What the UYS Community is Saying

“From the perspective of parents, we wanted a school that would do many things for our son:

  1. To pay attention to him as an individual and provide a personalized education;
  2. To develop his English language abilities;
  3. To foster his self-esteem by encouraging participation extracurricular activities;
  4. To provide him with opportunities to communicate and cooperate with international and local students;
  5. To pay attention to the emotional and psychological well-being of international students.

Upper York school does all of these things.  We are so pleased that our son is studying there. ”


Parent of a Grade 10 Student

“Upper York school encourages and promotes an environment of learning for both it’s students and teachers.”

Ms. Bahadur

UYS Teacher

“In the process of learning and personal development, each student is a distinctive individual. At Upper York School, this distinctiveness is recognized, respected and responded to with personalized education. At Upper York School, each student is provided with the opportunity to improve their learning performance and to foster their own personality. Parents can feel that the school is taking the responsibility to lead their children to a better future. We are glad that our daughter is studying here.”


Parent of a grade 9 student.

“At Upper York School we all work towards a common goal: helping our students to be successful. I teach a small group of students which is an ideal teaching environment.  I am also encouraged to be creative in my lesson planning and with student assessments.”

Ms. Hernandez

UYS Teacher

“With small class sizes, my teacher is able to give me a lot of individual attention. I like that lessons use multimedia and teachers have many resources and vary their teaching techniques.”


Grade 9 Student

“We have excellent teachers with a lot of experience. I feel good about the education I am getting at Upper York School.”


Grade 10 Student

“What I like best about Upper York School is that the classes are small and the students are very kind to each other.”


Grade 9 Student

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